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Beautiful Body

Beautiful body
How To Love Your Body

By Anna Lynn Sibal

If there is one person in this world who should believe in you and love you for what you are no matter what you do, that person is none other than you.
Whitney Houston nailed it on the head in her song The Greatest Love of All: "Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all."

Charity begins at home. If you want to be considered a beautiful person inside and out, you should start thinking and convincing your mind that you are indeed a beautiful person.

How should you love your body? Let us count the ways.

1. Stop talking yourself down. Everything you give away, you get back in return. The same goes with every negative word you have uttered about yourself. If you want to see yourself grow and become a beautiful, confident person, you should speak positive and encouraging words to yourself. Stop telling yourself that you are fat, ugly and ungainly. Instead, repeat this to yourself until you start believing it: I am a beautiful person inside and out and I am beautiful just the way I am.

2. Your role model should be you. It is normal to admire actresses and models; however, we should remember that the standards of beauty that apply to them do not necessarily apply to us ordinary folk. If you feel that you have been trying too hard to look like someone who just stepped out of a fashion magazine and it is frustrating you to no end, maybe it is time to put a stop to it and admire your own self for a change. Fill your living space with pictures of yourself that make you happy, and perhaps stop watching TV shows and movies depicting women who look unrealistically beautiful.

3. Wear something sexy everyday. Learn to be more comfortable in your own skin by dumping all the unflattering lingerie you have in your closet and replacing them with sexy, lacy things. Wear them everyday and savor the sensation they give you.

4. Let go of your inhibitions. Instead of going to the gym and sweat the pounds away by lifting weights or working on the treadmill, enroll in something exotic like a belly dancing class or a pole dancing class. You will laugh at yourself for the mistakes you will commit, but as you continue learning the moves, you will find yourself being liberated and more comfortable with your own body.

5. Strip down. Try to spend some of your alone time wearing nothing but your own skin. Sleep naked or walk around the house naked. When you pass by a mirror, pause and admire yourself in front of it. It will make you feel good.

6. Pamper yourself with scent. Find a type of cologne or perfume whose scent energizes you and makes you feel good. Apply it on the pulse points of your body and bask in the gorgeousness of the way you smell.

7. Do not slouch. Whenever you slouch, you hide your breasts and you jut out your belly. It is not a flattering pose. On the other hand, when you sit or stand up straight, you instantly get the appearance of a smaller waist and a slimmer belly. It is also good for your back and abdominal muscles.

8. Put yourself in his shoes. Contrary to what you might believe, when a man looks at a woman, he admires the entire picture she creates. If she exudes self-confidence, it does not matter to them if she has flabby arms or a slight bulge on her belly.

9. Know your assets. What do you think are the best features that you have? Is it your hourglass figure? Your luscious lips? Your smokey eyes? Your long legs? Whatever it is, try to dress in such a way that all eyes will be drawn on your best feature. This way, your best feature will eclipse and hide what you believe are your not-so-best qualities.

10. Rejoice in your body now. Your body and person is beautiful now the way it is and you should appreciate it by savoring every sensation brought to you by the simple actions that you do. Relish the feel of silk against your skin, or the smell of coffee when you drink it in the morning. Pamper yourself.