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8 Great Diet Tips to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

By Valerie Mellema

There has been an epidemic of fad diets that promise to shed pounds as of late. We even watch people on TV trying to lose weight and change their lives. However, with all of this, one thing we struggle with is keeping it off. Here are eight diet tips to help you do just that.

1. Eat Protein with Each Meal

Protein provides you more satisfaction than carbohydrates or fats. Many diets that are high in protein help to preserve muscle mass, which encourages fat burning in your body. They also keep you full longer. However, you don't want to cut carbohydrates out completely, as they are an important part of a balance diet. Choose smart protein sources such as cheese, yogurt, nuts, and beans.

2. Add Spices to Your Food to Give Them More Flavor

Instead of adding a bunch of condiments to your meals, consider adding more spices to give them flavor. Food that is loaded with flavor stimulates the taste buds and is more satisfying. You also won't eat as much. If you need something sweet, consider something that has a long-lasting burst of sweetness and a low amount of calories.

3. Keep Healthy Snacks Convenient

Stock your refrigerator and cabinets with healthy convenience foods. If you have ready-to-eat snacks and meals that don't take but a minute to cook, you're less likely to stop at a fast food restaurant or order a pizza. Popcorn is easy and very low calorie. Frozen vegetables, bags of pre-washed veggies, whole grain pitas and wraps, pre-cooked chicken breasts and pre-cooked rice are all healthy and allow you to put a meal together in a snap.

4. Order Children's Portions when You Go Out to Eat

Restaurants give you a lot more than you need and it's hard to stop eating when it's sitting in front of you. Order smaller plates and you'll be satisfied both mentally and physically. Children's portions often look larger than they really are.

5. Eat Foods that are Fresh and in Season

If you don't love specific fruits and vegetables, it may be because you were eating them during the wrong season. When you eat those that are in season, you'll see how much more flavorful they are.

6. Trade Pasta for Veggies

Simply eating smaller servings of carbohydrates, such as pasta, will help you to lose weight. Also, you can save a considerable number of calories if you increase your amount of vegetables.

7. Use Non-Food Alternatives when Stressed

Many people turn to food for comfort. Instead turning towards food consider other stress relieving alternatives. Take a walk, listen to music, read a few chapters of a book, write in a journal or practice deep breathing. These allow you to release your stress rather than dwell over it with some ice cream.

8. Get Moving!

Although many people feel as though exercise is punishment, it's really not. Once you get to exercising, your body will thank you with more energy and better sleep.