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Stress Relief

Stress relief
Seven Ways to Beat Stress

By Anna Lynn Sibal

In today's modern world, stress is just part of a woman’s life. Most of us wear numerous hats to represent our numerous roles – be it of mother, daughter, sister, career woman, lover and friend – and we are required to do the balancing act all the time in order to fulfill those roles adequately. With so many things demanding our time and attention and so much pressure exerted on us to do our best, is it a wonder that most of us are stressed?

Thankfully, there are ways to beat stress, and beating stress is not really as hard as it looks. It only takes a little effort on our part.

One of the ways we can deal with stress is to take a break just to breathe. Just sit down in a quiet corner and breathe deeply and slowly. Regulating our breathing in this manner is our way of convincing our minds that everything is all right. When our minds are soothed and relaxed, the heart also relaxes and the pressure of our blood is decreased. Regulated breathing also increases the efficiency by which our body processes its wastes in the blood stream.

A change of scenery also does wonders with our stressed out minds and bodies. Taking a vacation reboots and renews the mind, so to speak, so that when we return from our vacation, we will be more alert and aware to details that would have escaped us if our minds remain tired. Of course, when we go on vacation, we should make sure that we avoid checking our emails and we turn our cellphones off.

Another way to beat the stress is to cultivate meaningful friendships and relationships. We all know that while we might prefer to keep our problems to ourselves, it helps when we know that there is always someone whom we can count on to lend a helping hand, a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on. The security that meaningful friendships and relationships give us reduces our feelings of loneliness and prevents our minds from going on a meltdown.

Increasing our resistance to stress also means a few changes in our lifestyle. This means exercising regularly, eating healthily and sleeping adequately. When we exercise regularly, we make our heart stronger and tougher, so it can withstand the effects of stress on our bodies even more.

When we eat healthily, we provide our bodies with the proper nutrition that it needs. The nutrition that we get from our food, especially the antioxidants that we get from fruits and vegetables, neutralizes the bad proteins that our bodies create whenever we are under stress. As for sleep, studies have shown that lack of sleep increases the body’s vulnerability to stress by not allowing it to rest and heal itself. Therefore, adequate sleep is important.
And a good massage will always help you relax.

In order to beat stress, you have to find meaning in what you are doing and make yourself love it. If you think your job is just a job to you, you had better change your mindset and find an aspect in your job to like and look forward to. Doing something that you are only forcing yourself to do only increases the stress levels your body is experiencing. If you really cannot find something to love about your job, start a hobby that you are truly interested in. Or find another job that you know you would love doing every day. Living a life without meaning is just another factor that spikes up the stress of our lives.